About EducoSoft.com

Online Resource for Teaching and Learning
“Empower the Teacher as well as Student”

Math @ Your Fingertips

Math @ Your Fingertips

EducoSoft.com is a comprehensive teaching and learning system of Educo International Inc.pioneer in the field of Education Technology in USA over the last 25+ years. The company after aligning all its content with Indian curriculum is making an entry for Indian Students through its distributor

MMS E-Educators Pvt. Ltd.

EducoSoft.com is dedicated to improve the quality of Mathematics and Science education by empowering the teacher and engaging the student through :

Electronic Lecture Notes (ELN) for Teachers,
Online Tutoring embedded with Assessments,
Online Quizzes/Tests/Homework,
Practice Testing and Speed Tests with Instant Feedback ,
Student Record and Grade Management,
Teacher-Student Interaction through e-mail, announcements and chat sessions,
Online Survey and Survey Reports.

EducoSoft uses a simple and easy to use Online portal for students studying in classes VI through XII of CBSE / ICSE and other state boards.

EducoSoft empowers Students by providing them (24×7) access to several self learning activities to learn the concepts  through interactive visualization.

More than 500 Mathematics Professors and Teachers from US and India have been involved in the development of these activities. Their pedagogy has been captured through animation and dynamic graphics in presentation of content in this portal. All the content is developed in Macromedia Flash. We have large question banks attached with assessments generation tools for teachers.

The progress report of the student is automatically generated and can be printed any time.


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